Farr North paired up with architects William Rawn and Associates to furnish Harvard Business School’s latest capital project, Klarman Hall. This project was the first of its kind at the School to implement the Healthier Hospitals Initiative for furniture.

This comprehensive design was completed while working in San Francisco. The warm, edgy style has a spectacular city backdrop and is a wonderful atmosphere for the client’s collection of ancient Peruvian artifacts.

Farr North has completed an array of spaces for higher-education clients, ranging from staff breakout lounges to formal student centers. A large majority of these projects have followed the requirements set forth by the Healthier Hospitals Initiative.

The Latest...

Faculty Center Complete!

Farr North joined Boston firms Goody Clancy and Utile to design the Harvard Business School’s Senior Faculty Center. This included updating the Donaldson Room into a modern appendage of the main center. The building’s mid-century architecture was the catalyst for the design and the need to serve many faculty members in one space was a programmatic challenge we were happy to have met. Additionally, a large majority of the furnishings and finishes comply with Healthier Hospitals along with Harvard University’s strict Healthier Building Materials Academy requirements. Now that the Faculty Center is complete, photos of the new space will be available soon!

Development Under Construction.

Farr North is wrapping up the interiors on a residential development in Weymouth with architectural firm, Utile. The client’s desire to make each of their developments unique has produced a light and modern interior concept that relies on fresh design ideas and attention to detail. Click here to learn more about this project.

Interior Design Standards.

Farr North, in collaboration with local Boston firm Utile, developed Harvard Business School’s Interior Guidelines that are now used for all current and future projects. It is a 60 page living document, the content of which we continuously update as more knowledge and experience is acquired through the work that we do for the school.