Farr North Interiors is looking to the future. Ahead of the curve in the healthier materials movement, Kerry’s expertise in this area can be attributed to her relationship with Harvard University. As a result, Farr North has been privy to pioneering science and technology advances far ahead of conventional industry trends. Kerry has successfully led architectural consultants to comply with new health and sustainability requirements, as well as designed many spaces adhering to these tough standards independently. Additionally, as a LEED A.P., Kerry keeps up with the latest USGBC standards for furniture and finishes. Having worked within these parameters on large, complex projects as a FF&E consultant, Farr North has a great deal of experience as an integral member of any team.

Our design vision for the future is shaped by a thorough understanding of product development, material sourcing, manufacturing processes and the seamless integration of interior design into the architectural process. Farr North will continue to find ways to create happier, healthier spaces that enrich our lives and sustain our environment. We believe that thoughtful, high-quality design has the ability to benefit the greater good.